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Research & Consultancy

All Engineering departments of Travancore Engineering College are sufficiently equipped and the faculty members are experts in undertaking consultancy works related to the respective engineering fields both for the government organizations and private sector. State-of-the-art laboratory facilities are available in various engineering departments to take up the following consultancy works.

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Testing of building materials such as cement, aggregate, concrete etc; and finished building products like plywood, flooring tiles, bricks, concrete blocks etc.
  • Designing of concrete mixes as per the requirements of clients.
  • Testing of reinforcing bars and other finished products of metallic materials.
  • Testing of soil for strength evaluation and characterization such as Atterburg limits, angle of internal friction, cohesion, compressive strength, shear strength etc.
  • Compaction and Consolidation tests.
  • Permeability test, determination of field density.
  • CBR test
  • Field test to determine the Bearing capacity of soil.
  • Planning, Analysis and design of building frames for RCC and steel building and structures.
  • Non-destructive testing of concrete structural elements in the buildings (Rebound Hammer and UPV).
  • Scrutiny of structural design and detailing of drawings.
  • Total Station Survey- preparation of land map, contour map, computation of area and volume. Highway/Road alignment.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Design and analysis of mechanical structures for underwater applications
  • Design of development of different types of sensors like pressure sensor, depth sensor etc
  • Conversion of mechanical part and assembly drawing as per the standards.
  • Design and development of floating bodies and its analysis.
  • Development of underwater transducers.
  • Thermal analysis of mechanical structures and enclosures.

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Design and optimization of Solar panels and installation of the same in consultation with approved government agencies.
  • Preparation of electrical circuit drawings and estimation of materials.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

  • AMC for Industrial Computer maintaining.
  • Computer Assembling and Networking
  • CCTV installation and maintenance.
  • Web hosting services
  • Web application development
  • Domain Registration
  • Web and Mobile application development
  • Mobile and Web UI designing
  • Graphics designing
  • Social media promotion
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization.

Department of Applied Science

  • Water quality analysis for pH, Hardness, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, TDS, Alkalinity, Nitrates, Phosphates and Fluorides.
  • Soil analysis- Total organic carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium.

Research & Consultancy

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