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ArCTE/TEC/rCC /2A22 04 /a412a22
Ref: - F. AICTE IW}{/2AL6/O1 dated 10.06.2016
With reference to the above, The Interaal Complaint
Committee {ICC} is reconstituted with the following members in
compliance with the Parliament of India Act No. 18 dated
Copy to:- A11 HoDs, A11 concerned members,
AA, AO, SS, JS {A & E}, Pl.
Name Committee Designation
1. Prof. Soumya S R Chairperson
2. Sri. Aneesh K Member
3. Smt. Arya Sajan Member
4. Vishnu Dathan Student
5. Asif Latheef Student
6. Vaishnavi Student